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♔Princess Tsutsu♔
30 November 2009 @ 03:56 pm

It's been a while, everyone, how are you?! As you know, it's already the middle of winter, at night and in the morning it's cold~ It's nice to have warm things around this time of year!
........And speaking of, my latest thing is Starbucks frappuccinos!! Considering how much lol, I drink them fast~

Recently we've been in the studio and doing basement activity (what kind of basement activity I'm excited about...fufufu...), and I've been really looking forward to live hustle time! After December is our eastern tour~!! Yeah baby! (TN: He didn't actually say yeah, he said "yoshha beibe" like "yosh"..just in case you were thinking of an Austin Powers reference. XD) When we start off in Osaka, I want to yell as loud as I can!
Fuffufu...and before the Osaka performance at last, at last!! "Day by Day" will be released to everyone~!!!! Oh man, I've been really excited for this. It hasn't been that long since we recorded it but I have this feeling that I want everyone to finally hear it!
And then there are two days of instores! I think it's been a while since I got to meet with everyone so I look forward to those!! Before the tour I want to take everyone's strength with me and be happy, whoa~ collecting liters of it~!! (TN: I think this might be a cultural reference, like to a TV show or commercial or something? I'm not really sure.) lol. Let's have fun together at the live! Well, bye then~!


TN = Translator's Note

I'd like to mention that I really appreciate all the comments I receive here and I'm sorry that I don't check or reply to them very often. >__<;; If you have anything you want to contact me about (concerns, questions, etc.), it's best to get a hold of me on my main account asagi . :)

Also, I just realized I missed a couple of his entries. I'm not sure I'll get to them but just in case, I don't want anyone to be confused since they'll be out of order.
♔Princess Tsutsu♔
12 October 2009 @ 04:56 pm

Somehow it's been warm today~(currently 3 in the afternoon). Spring-like weather...Hello, everyone! Well~ the long-awaited 4th single "Tightrope" was released! Yay!! Everyone was waiting and waiting but I'm glad everyone finally got to hear it!
This month was the fan club only live and the first announcement of "Tightrope" (it was the first announcement but the reaction from everyone who came was awesome!), please listen to the CD! Of course the coupling songs are very cool and magnificent, too!
I've been using my original model 5 string bass. After the last 5 months on stage it was time to start recording! I'm especially pleased with the different sound I was able to achieve in "Bloodberry." For the PV I used that same bass!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to more lives...and come to think of it, the day after tomorrow is a stadium event live! It's a really huge place to play lol but I'll put my all into it!! Everyone, let's have a good time together!
If I walk it will be even warmer!!**

** Note: Not really sure on this. ^^;;

♔Princess Tsutsu♔
01 September 2009 @ 02:47 am

Viva September!! I'm late in writing but August 26 and 27th we finished our tour in Kyoto and Kobe (Translator's Note: The dates of those shows had to be moved because of the swine flu scare a while back...Asagi said it was kind of like a second tour final in a way because it had to take place after the real final).  Thank you very much, everyone!! Fans, and everyone invovled!  Of course I learned a lot through this tour, I studied really hard!

And speaking of lives, there's a live, rock spirit feeling overflowing in our new single "Tightrope" which will be out soon!  Since it's extremely awesome, I want you all to hear it soon and we completed it wonderfully~!

I feel like saying "Yeah Wild Cats!!" for the homepage renewal!  We have on our new costumes for "Tightrope." And don't miss this!  Asagi-san's "Rosen Kranz" site is open~ wow~!  It's a really cool page so please take a look. Be sure to check the items like perfume and bath salts as well as the NYASAGI produced WILD CATS goods. lol. The goods are surprising but fun~!

Well then, well then, there's also the FC only live coming up on Sept. 4, and more live events so come and have fun!


ビバ9月!!とゆー事で遅くなりましたが、8月26日と27日の京都・神戸振替公演でツアーを無事に終えることが出来ました。本当に皆さんありがと うございました!!ファンの皆さん、色々な方々に大感謝です!やっぱりツアーを通して得るものがかなり多くて、すごく勉強になりました!


う~んワイルドキャッツ!!って感じで、ホームページも更新されております!『Tightrope』の新衣装で新しい写真にもなってますよっ。そし てそして見逃せないのが!浅葱さんの『Rosen Kranz』ページがオープンしました~わぉ~!かなりステキなページになってるのでぜひ覗いてみてくださいっ。香水や入浴剤含む色々なアイテムのチェッ クも出来るし、ニャサギさんプロデュースなワイルドキャッツグッズも要チェックです笑。驚きのグッズがあるので楽しいですよ~!


♔Princess Tsutsu♔
17 August 2009 @ 12:04 am

Well, it's summer~!! August is almost over, it was very quick. Is everyone well?? You haven't gotten A/C sickness have you!?

We've finished the mastering on "Tightrope," our latest single being released in September! Of course we're also done with editing the promo!  Every day I look forward to everyone hearing it.
Yesterday, the Fool's Mate magazine special event "Fool's Fest" was held at the new Kiba Coast and the special opening SE was "Tightrope"! You people who got to hear it are super lucky and special~! I think you were introduced to a very cool song!!

There is the addition of the lives at Kobe and Kyoto this month! Thank you everyone who was waiting!! Please look forward to having a good time there!! I'll do my best~!!

About a month ago I got my hair cut and changed the color....but already it's grown out and messed up the color! The color from the roots is like black, gold, red....
The latest shampoo treatment I was recommend is "Abreeze**"!  So I'm testing it out~

Well, tomorrow I'm off to the studio!

[Translator's Note: ** I'm not really sure if this is right. It says アブリーゼ/aburiize....I have no idea what that is. xD;]







♔Princess Tsutsu♔
15 May 2009 @ 09:00 pm
Hello! Right now we D are in the middle of our tour and everyplace we go the lives are warm but go on without problems!  Of course I'm happy to see everyone's faces, the lives are REALLY fun! And I'm learning a lot of things. There are a lot of individual struggles but one by one things becomes clear, once again I will put fighting spirit into this tour!


Today is May 7th, the commemoration of the sale of D's major debut single "BIRTH"!! Thank you! People behind the scenes, staff, many others, and all the fans, it's all thanks to you! Thank you TRULY! My gratitude to the members as well!! In the blink of an eye, this year went by but it was filled, and I think I learned a lot. But it's just like me to have some way to go before the goal, so after this I will do my best to absorb and study, please treat me well!!
Until the tour final I'll go swiftly!!


こんにちは!ただ今ツアー真っ最中の我々D、各地でアツいライブをしつつ無事に周れています!やっぱりライブでみんなの顔を見れるのは嬉しいなって 思いながらツアーを周ってるんですが、ライブはホントに楽しくて!そして勉強になる事が本当にたくさんあります!個人的に課題も多くあるので、1つ1つク リアしていって、さらに気合い入れてツアーを周ります!


今日5月7日はDがメジャーデビューシングル『BIRTH』を発売した記念すべき日で、1周年を迎える事が出来ました!!ありがとうございます!事 務所の方々や関係者の方々、スタッフの方々や周りの色んな方、そしてファンのみんなのおかげです!本当にありがとうございます!!メンバーにも大感謝で す!!

♔Princess Tsutsu♔
14 April 2009 @ 10:20 pm
Hello, everyone~! It's been a while since I updated my homepage blog...!! April already came so fast. Speaking of April, and spring, it's the season for cherry blossoms~! Since the beginning of this month we've been practicing in the studio and along the way I enjoy the cherry blossoms blooming...absolutely beautiful!! I've been waiting for the blooms to open!! After the long wait, our nation-wide tour started on the 11th~!! This is the most number of lives we've had in D history, 27 dates. I'll yell crazily! In spirit and love!
The 11th and 12th were new Yokohama 2 days and since that's my home area it was really fun! Thank you to everyone who came!! My goal on the opening day was to conquer my stiffness and I think I was able to grasp that sense. But, of course, I still have to work on that! Opening day and the second day I looked and studied. I have to think about being careful of many points like the tour surroundings!! Ah, everyone, please be careful and doing get hurt during the lives! On this tour, as the people surround one by one, I become very happy!!
The next live is the 15th in Chiba! I'll do my very best-!!......Ha! I'll put up a picture of my home on this blog~!!


皆さんこんにちわ~!ホムペ日記が久しぶりになってしまいました・・・!!早いものでもう4月。4月といえば春って事で、桜の季節ですね~!今月頭からツアーのためのスタジオ練習に入りまくってたので、道すがら桜の咲きぐあいをチェックして楽しんでたんですが…やっぱりキレイですねっ!!いや~咲きまくるのを楽しみに待っていたので・・・・・・とっ、いう事でっ!!待ちに待った全国ツアーが・つ・い・に・4月11日からスタートしました~!!今回はライブ数がD史上最 多の27本という事で初めて行く土地もたくさんあり、めちゃくちゃKI・A・Iが!!そう気愛が入ってます!
11日と12日は新横浜2デイズで、自分の地元という事もあり本当に楽しかったです!来てくれた皆さんっありがとうございました!!自分の課題の1つとして初日は固くなってしまわないように・力まないようにと心掛けて臨んだんですが、その感覚を掴めたかなと思います。しかしもちろんまだまだ!! 課題もたくさんあるし、初日・2日目と勉強になったし。いろいろ気を付ける点や反省する部分もあるので、もっともっと頑張ってツアー周って行きます!! あっ皆さんライブ中の体調とかケガには気を付けてくださいね!このツアー、会場にいる1人1人が少しずつ周りに気を配って思いっきり楽しんでくれたら嬉しいです!!

[[Synthie's Note: He says he'll put up a picture but I guess it'll be the next entry? There wasn't a picture included with this update. :/

Also, Tsune REALLY likes his exclamation points, doesn't he? o_o]]

♔Princess Tsutsu♔
29 March 2009 @ 12:31 am
Finally! Major first full album "Genetic World is on sale~!! Since recording started around December of laster year, finally time to reach into everyone's purse, isn't it oooooh! At the height of happiness!! Yay!!

That's right, now because the promo is extermely AWESOME, I think you should check the vital point!! Since early morning I've been at a photo shoot so I did my best to get a good shot! At the shooting location it was very windy and cold but Hiroki-san showed off his physical beauty freely..... I think you'll see that in the off shot. lol. Well~ right now I'm impatient for the national tour we begin in 4 months! I'll also do my best at the instores!!


ついに!メジャーファーストッ、フルアルバム『Genetic World』が発売しましたね〜!!レコーディングは去年の12月頭くらいから始まってたので、やっと皆さんの手元に届くのかぁっウワーオッ!と嬉しさの真っ直中であります!!やった!!
そうそう、今回のプロモもめちゃくちゃカッコイイ映像になってるので要チェック!してほしいなぁって思います!!早朝から撮影現場に入りをしてガッツリ 撮ったので、良いショットが満載だゼ!という感じですっ。撮影場所は風吹きまくりでめちゃくちゃ寒かったんだけど、ヒロキさんは肉体美を惜しげもなく…… そんな様子はオフショットのほうを観ればわかると思います笑。 いや〜4月から始まる全国ツアーも今から楽しみで仕方がないですな!インストアもあるしっ頑張るぞーぃ!!

♔Princess Tsutsu♔
29 March 2009 @ 12:27 am
Helloooo everyone! This is your friendly neighborhood (?) [info]synthelement .

I made this journal on a whim because I like Tsune. >3< Anddd I decided that since I made it, I might as well use it for something. What better use than to translate journal entries? I don't think anyone has made a translation journal for any of the D members yet. Sooo, here I go! 8D